Safir 2019 (demo)

Safir is a computer software for the simulation of the behaviour of building structures subjected to fire. The fire is introduced as a data (in term of a curve giving either the evolution of the gas temperature in the fire compartment or the evolution of the net flux on the surface of the structure) and the Software calculates the evolution of the temperature in the structural elements which can be discretized in 2D or 3D.
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SAFIR has been developed from the beginning as a tool for modeling the behavior of structures subjected to the fire. The link between the thermal analysis and the structural analysis is thus quite straightforward. It is founded on high performance finite elements, yet it runs on quite ordinary Windows based PC. Its utilization is not complex, provided that the user has a good knowledge of non linear modeling. Training sessions can be organised at a reasonable prize (800 euros per day, plus travel and accomodation, excluding VAT).

For technical information about SAFIR, and for the user manuals, please consult the SAFIR website.

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Note : SAFIR cannot be bought from the following countries : Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Ukraine, Syrian Arab Republic

Get Safir : Demo licence

This Demo licence is similar to the academix license, except the Demo version has limited functionnality. Otherwise, demo license grants you a lifetime right to use SAFIR 2019 demo version, for use in research and publications. No commercial use is allowed.

SAFIR download
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Supported platforms

Windows 10 : fully supported.
Windows 8.1 : fully supported.
Windows 7 : fully supported.
Windows XP (all versions) : fully supported.
Windows Vista : this version is not supported by SAFIR !