Safir 2022 (academic)

Safir is a computer software for the simulation of the behaviour of building structures subjected to fire. The fire is introduced as input data; several options are proposed to interface with fire models including through gas temperature-time curves, net heat flux on the surface of the structure, and data transfer from localized fire models and computational fluid dynamics models. Safir calculates the evolution of the temperature in the structural elements which can be discretized in 2D or 3D, then calculates the mechanical response of the structure exposed to fire.
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SAFIR has been developed from the beginning as a tool for modeling the behavior of structures subjected to the fire. The link between the thermal analysis and the structural analysis is thus quite straightforward. It is founded on high performance finite elements, yet it runs on quite ordinary Windows based PC. Its utilization is not complex, provided that the user has a good knowledge of non linear modeling. Training sessions can be organised at a reasonable prize (contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Starting with version 2022, the recommended preprocessor is GmSAFIR. GmSAFIR is free and open source. Developments for use of the former preprocessor, GiD, are discontinued.



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Update policy

SAFIR updates include:

  • major releases, with a change in the year of the version. In the recent years, there has been SAFIR2016, SAFIR2019 and SAFIR2022.
  • minor releases, with a change in the numbering of the version, e.g., SAFIR2019a0, SAFIR2019b1.


All updates, either major or minor, are free during one year from the day of the purchase of a license (e.g., licensees who bought SAFIR2019b1 in June 2021 received for free SAFIR 2022a1 which was released in April 2022).

Updates to a new minor release of a same version of SAFIR are free (e.g., licensees who own a licence of SAFIR2022a1 would receive for free SAFIR2022a2, SAFIR2022b1 - if and when they are ever produced).

Updates to a new major release cost 20% of the license price. Updates are optional. Updates at the 20% price can only be made from the preceding version, i.e., should a licensee choose not to update at the time of a new major release, they are allowed to continue using their version with no limitation in time, but update to the next major release will be at full price of a new version.

Supported platforms

Windows 10 : fully supported.
Windows 8.1 : fully supported.
Windows 7 : fully supported.
Windows XP (all versions) : fully supported.
Windows Vista : this version is not supported by SAFIR !