[For professional, academic or demo use]

This software license agreement applies to the SAFIR software, hereinafter referred to as the “Software”, available for download from this website and constitutes a legal agreement between the person or entity downloading the Software, hereinafter referred to as “Licensee”, and Gesval, hereinafter referred to as “Licensor". By downloading, installing and otherwise using the Software, Licensee is automatically agreeing to and show that he has read and understood the terms and conditions contained within this User Software License Agreement.

General objet of the convention

The software hereafter described is provided under the terms of this agreement by the Licensor to the Licensee for professional, academic or demo use

Definition and contents of the SAFIR software

SAFIR was developed by the « Mécanique des Matériaux et Structures" departement of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of Liege.
The Licensee accepts the Licensorship of the Licensor on all elements of this software.

SAFIR is an executable file compiled in order to be run on P.C.'s in a Windows 32 bit Operating System.
The input files are ASCII files that can be created by any text editor.
The output files are ASCII files that can be read by any text editor.
Although some tools can be downloaded for free from the web site of the department M&S that facilitate, in some cases, the creation of input files or the visualisation of the results, these tools are not covered by the present convention.

SAFIR includes several functionnalities :

  • SAFIR allows the calculation of temperature distributions in structures subjected to the fire.
  • SAFIR allows the calculation of the behaviour of a structure under varying temperatures.
  • SAFIR allows the calculation of the torsional stiffness of a section.

Objet of the convention

The limited company of Belgian right GESVAL holds the general rights of use of the SAFIR software, conceded by the University of Liege. GESVAL concedes a user licence of SAFIR to the Licensee.
The Licensee receives the right to use the SAFIR software in the conditions agreed in the counterparts below.

Extent of the guarantee

The functionalities stated above in the description of the SAFIR software do not constitute an obligation of result on behalf of the Licensor. The Licensee accepts SAFIR in the state it is delivered to him and does not have any recourse concerning the functionalities of SAFIR or its implementation.

Updates of SAFIR

The Licensee has the right to get updates of the SAFIR software free of charge, except invoice fees, during a period of one year starting from the signature of this convention. These updates are sent by the Licensor on the media of his choice.

Addition of new functionalities or fundamental changes in the structure of SAFIR

The elements of software or hardware which differ from the description of SAFIR agreed upon above do not form part of this convention. The Licensor determines the price and terms for providing these new functionalities.

Right conceded

Present convention gives to the Licensee a right of use for the SAFIR software, it does not transfer any right of Licensorship and any intellectual right related to this software or its components. The Licensor authorizes the Licensee to install, use and exploit SAFIR within the limits agreed hereafter.

Installation limitations

Commercial License : SAFIR is provided to be installed on one or several computers of the Licensee, for own internal business purposes.

Academic and demo License : SAFIR is provided to be installed on one single computer of the Licensee for academic and internal research purposes only. Any commercial use of the software is strictly prohibited.


The Licencee is allowed to use SAFIR as defined hereabove for an unlimited duration.

Geographical limitations


Scientific publications

Any use or scientific publication making use, even partially, of the SAFIR software obliges the Licensee to mention clearly "with the help of the not linear software SAFIR developed at the University of Liege".


Under-licencing is prohibited to any third-party, included companies or moral persons linked in any way with the Licensee. The dissolution of the legal structure of the Licensee, except in the case of a fusion, involves the resolution of this convention


The Licensee will use SAFIR in respect of the laws and the rights of the thirds. The Licensor does not incur any responsibility because of the operation of SAFIR or the use of its results.


In the event of disagreement related to the interpretation or the application of this convention, the parts will seek a friendly solution by a first dialogue at the technical level, then, in the event of failure, by a second dialogue on the level of their direction. Present convention is governed by the Belgian right; the parts allocate responsibility to the Court of Liege, the language of the procedure being French.